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Toronto FC

Toronto FC

Toronto FC holds the distinction of being the very first Canadian professional soccer club to join Major League Soccer. It’s been a member of the league’s Eastern Conference since 2007 and is currently one of three Canadian clubs, alongside Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Based in the city of Toronto, the club uses BMO Field (named after the Bank of Montreal) as its home base. This stadium, which was designed specifically with soccer in mind, has a capacity of 30,000 for soccer matches, though this can be increased to as many as 40,000. While Toronto FC has been using the stadium since 2007, it’s also currently used by the Canadian Football League team Toronto Nationals and the Canada men’s national soccer team.

Toronto FC has experienced quite significant success in major national and international tournaments. The club won the MLS Cup in 2017 and finished as runner-up both in 2016 and 2019. It’s won the Canadian Championship seven times, more than any other club, and has placed as runner-up three times. Thanks to the club’s ongoing successes and popularity, it’s one of the most valuable in MLS, with an approximate worth of $400 million. It’s also known to spend more on players’ salaries than any other club in the league.

Toronto FC Roster

The Toronto FC roster currently includes 32 players. These players collectively represent 10 nationalities; as well as Canada and the USA, countries such as France, Japan, Spain and Brazil are represented by club members. Even though the club is Canadian, there are 14 players from the USA currently on the roster, yet only nine from Canada.

Canadian midfielder Jonathan Osorio has put in 244 appearances for the club, which is more than any other player. He started his career with the club back in 2013 and remains the third best goal scorer, with 41 goals to his name so far. The only two players who have scored more goals are American forward Jozy Altidore with 72 and former player Sebastian Giovinco, who racked up 83 goals in his time with the club from 2015-18. In 2017, Jozy Altidore won the MLS Cup Most Valuable Player award in recognition of his performance in the league’s matches that helped Toronto FC go on to win the whole tournament. He also won Player of the Week twice that year. Should he keep performing well, he could end up topping Sebastian Giovinco’s record of 83 goals scored for the club.

Another player who did particularly well in 2017 was American defender Justin Morrow, who like Jozy Altidore won Player of the Week twice. He also made it onto the MLS Best XI, a list compiled to recognise the 11 strongest players across the whole league. Since joining in 2013, he’s become the club’s ninth top goal scorer, with 17 scored so far; with 214 matches played so far, he’s put in the second highest number of appearances for the club, behind only Jonathan Osorio.

Justin Morrow and Jozy Altidore hold the joint record for most goals scored in a single game with three. They share this record with two former players: Dwayne De Rosario and the club’s top goal scorer Sebastian Giovinco.

The club’s current captain is American midfielder Michael Bradley, who’s been in the role since 2015. He’s one of three players who made it into the club thanks to the Designated Player Rule. This is a special allowance that lets MLS teams sign a maximum of three players that are considered to be outside of their usual salary range. The other two players signed this way are Josy Altidore and the Spanish midfielder Alejandro Pozuelo. Eight players in total have been able to become members because of the Homegrown Player Rule, which lets MLS teams directly sign players who have come through their own training academies.

Toronto FC Jersey

The current Toronto FC jersey is the seventh one that’s been used since the club started playing. The kit’s manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by the Bank of Montreal. The current sponsorship deal with the bank is worth $4 million per year and is set to last until 2026. The main colour of the home kit is red, with white, grey and black used throughout as secondary colours. For the away kit, however, it’s white that’s the predominant colour.

To purchase the jersey, simply visit the official MLS online store. Here you’ll find a wide range of branded merchandise covering hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, flags, cups, home accessories and more. Clothing items are available for men, women and children and come in many different sizes to cater for as many fans of the club as possible. The store has regular sales and discounts available that are worth taking advantage of.

New York Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls is a professional men’s soccer club that, despite its name, is actually based in the New Jersey city of Harrison. The club was formally set up in 1994 and went on to compete int he very first Major League Soccer tournament in 1996 – it was one of 10 clubs to do so. As of 2019, the league has grown significantly and there are now some 24 different clubs from throughout the USA and Canada taking part, with plans to introduce a further five teams in the near future. Back when the New York Red Bulls was first formed, it was known as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars. It ended up with its current name in 2006, following a rebranding by the new owners Red Bull GmbH.

The home field for the New York Red Bulls is the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, which lies approximately seven miles to the west of Lower Manhattan. It’s the third largest stadium in the USA that’s specially designed for soccer games and has a maximum seating capacity of 25,000. Despite being an MLS member since its inception, New York Red Bulls has never actually won the MLS Cup. The club did, however, come second in 2008, losing out to the Columbus Crew club from Columbus, Ohio. Still, the club has managed to win the Supporters’ Shield on three separate occasions (2013, 2015 and 2018).

New York Red Bulls Roster

The club’s current roster consists of 28 players, with a 29th player currently on loan to FC Cincinnati. Across the roster, 12 different nationalities. The USA, of course, has the biggest representation with 15 of the club US nationals. Some of the 11 other nationalities represented include Austria, England, France, Jamaica and Venezuela.

The player with the most number of appearances to his name is American goalkeeper Luis Robles. He’s been playing for the club since 2012 and has tallied up 281 appearances to date. He won the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year award in 2015 and has more cleansheets to his name than any other New York Red Bulls player, with 89 to his name.

Trailing him is English forward Bradley Wright-Philipps, who’s been on the roster since 2013 and has played in 240 matches. He’s one of three players to be on the line-up thanks to the Designated Player Rule, which allows MLS clubs to sign no more than three players who would be considered outside of their regular salary limit. Bradley Wright-Philipps also holds the record for the most goals scored for the club, with 126 scored to date. This is more than double than the next best goal scorer, former player Juan Pablo Ángel, who tallied 62 goals from 2007-10. He’s also scored the single most goals in a single season, with 27 scored throughout the 2014 season. In recognition of his goal-scoring ability, he’s received the MLS Golden Boot award twice, first in 2014 then again in 2016.

Five of the players currently on the club’s roster earned their places thanks to the Homegrown Player Rule. This is a special concession from MLS that allows clubs to sign players that have gone through their own training academies and not necessarily one of MLS’ own training processes. The club’s own training centre is a $6 million purposely constructed training ground located in Hanover Township, New Jersey. Before its opening in 2013, the club didn’t have its own training ground as such and instead relied on other facilities.

The club’s current coach is American midfielder Chris Armas. His senior career as a professional soccer player lasted from 1994 to 2007, during which time he played for three national teams and represented the USA internationally. He’s been the club’s manager since July 2016 and is its twelfth manager so far.

New York Red Bulls Jersey

So far, there have been eight home jerseys worn by the club’s players. The first four of these, which were in use from 1996 to 2004, all featured black and red as the dominant colours. For the fifth iteration onwards (following on from the Red Bull rebranding), the main colours have been white and red. Adidas is the manufacturer of all MLS kits and so, the logo can be found prominently displayed on the jersey in the top right. Over on the top left is the club’s official logo, which features a crest with two red bulls charging towards each other.

The club’s jersey can be purchased from the official MLS online store. Here you’ll find a wide variety of items in the official New York Red Bulls colours and branded with the club’s logo. There are special deals to take advantage of, as well as various discounts.

New York City FC

New York City FC

New York City FC is the very first professional soccer franchise based in New York City. It was formally established in 2015 and played its very first Major League Soccer (MLS) game that same year as the twentieth team to join the league. As of November 2019, there are a total of 24 teams in the league, with plans to welcome five more by the end of 2022. Though New York City is one of the younger teams taking part in MLS, it’s fast become one of the most popular and successful. In fact in 2016, the year following the club’s debut, it was estimated to have one of the largest fanbases and was said to be worth approximately $285 million, making it the league’s third most valuable club.

The home field for New York City FC is Yankee Stadium in The Bronx. This stadium replaced the original Yankee Stadium and was designed to be much larger and much more modern. Owing to spiralling costs and various delays, it ended up becoming the single most expensive stadium in the world, with its construction costing $2.3 billion. New York City FC shares the stadium with the baseball team New York Yankees.

New York City FC Roster

The club’s current roster is made up of 28 players. Of these, a dozen are from the US and the remaining 16 are from other countries, ranging from Brazil and Sweden, to Romania and Peru. In total, the team represents 16 different nationalities. Alexander Ring has been the captain since 2019, taking over from David Villa who led the club from its inauguration in 2015 through to the end of 2018.

Defender Joe Scally and midfielders James Sands and Justin Haak made it into the club through the Homegrown Player Rule. This is a program that allows clubs to directly sign up local players who have gone through their own development academy. Before this was allowed, players could only be signed up if they went through an official MLS player allocation process. Three players, midfielders Maximiliano Moralez and Jesús Medina, and forward Alexandru Mitriță, are in the club because of the Designated Player Rule. This allows each MLS franchise to sign no more than three players who are outside of the club’s regular salary cap.

Of the club’s current players, the youngest his Joe Scally. Now 16, he made his debut in a game against New York Red Bulls when he was just 15 years and 157 days old. The oldest player, on the other hand, is 32-year-old Maximiliano Moralez. Both defender Alexander Callens and goalkeeper Sean Johnson have made 70 appearances in various matches, more than any other player. Brazilian forward Héber Araujo dos Santos, more commonly known as just Héber, is the most successful goal scorer for 2019. He joined the club earlier this year and has scored a total of 15 goals. However, he’s got a long way to go if he wants to beat the all-time record set by David Villa, who logged no fewer than 80 goals during his four years with the club.

During this year’s MLS, there were some outstanding performances from the club’s players. These helped the club come second overall behind Los Angeles FC. Some of the highlights from the club’s performance include Alexandru Mitriță’s hat-trick in the match against Atlanta United FC on 25 September, and Maximiliano Moralez being awarded MLS Player of the Month for June. He totalled 20 assists, which is more than any other player in the MLS.

New York City FC Jerseys

Since the club’s debut in 2015, all of its kits have been manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Etihad Airways. The current home kit is actually the second one the club has used. It was unveiled on 7 January 2017 in a video featuring passionate young fan Michael. He was given an early sneak peek of the jersey and got to appear in the promotional video combining live action with animation. The video shows Michael meeting one of the club’s players and swapping his old New York City FC T-shirt for the new jersey.

The sky blue jersey features heather blue texture to make it more comfortable and wearable. The state flag of New York City is present on the jersey’s jock tag and has the club’s logo emblazoned on it in the central white stripe. Other features include a vinyl-crafted badge, the names of the five city boroughs listed along the neck tape and orange accents inspired by the city.

Jerseys can be purchased from the MLS official online store, which can be accessed here. The store has a wide range of other branded clothing items, as well as various accessories and collectibles, for sale as well.

DC United

DC United

DC United is one of the longest-serving members of Major League Soccer, the highest level of professional soccer in the USA. The league was formed back in 1996 and was originally made up of 10 teams, of which DC United was one of them. Nowadays, the league is made up of 24 teams with plans to add a further five over the next few years.  DC United is based in the American capital city of Washington, D.C. Its home field is Audi Stadium, which was designed specifically for soccer games and has a maximum capacity of 20,000 spectators. Having been a member of MLS since its inception, the club has a very well established history and a rather impressive track record, with many wins and notable achievements to its name.

The club has won the MLS Cup a total of four times and finished as runner-up once, though its last win was back in 2004. It’s also won the Supporters’ Shield, an award given to the MLS team with the best overall record – four times, with its most recent win in 2007. On top of this, the club’s won the U. S. Open Cup Championships three times. Owing to the popularity of the club, there are no fewer than four separate supporter groups. The club’s mascot is Talon the bald eagle and its main rival team is New York Red Bulls.

 DC United Roster

There are currently 27 players on the DC United roster, with one out on loan to Sint-Truiden. Across the roster 10 different nationalities are represented. The USA is the most prominent one with 13 players, then Argentina with four and Brazil and Costa Rica with two each. Other nationalities represented in the club include France, Germany, Ghana, Jamaica, Norway and Venezuela. Two of the players are on the roster thanks to the Designated Player Rule (which lets clubs sign up to three players outside their usual salary range) and five are on because of the Homegrown Player Rule (which lets clubs sign players who’ve come from their own training academies).

Of the players currently on the club’s line-up, American goalkeeper Bill Hamid has made more appearances than any other. From 2010-17 and 2018 onwards, he’s played in a total of 245 matches, which is the fourth highest number for any DC United player. The club’s all-time top goal scorer is Bolivian forward Jamie Moreno. He played for the club from 1996 to 2002 and from 2004 to 2010; during this time he scored 131 goals, which is nearly three times as many as the next best overall scorer, the Argentinian midfielder Christian Gómez. Jamie Moreno is undoubtedly one of the club’s most successful players. He made it onto the MLS Best XI list five times throughout his time with DC United, more than any other player in the club’s history, and was awarded the MLS Golden Boot back in 1997. He’s had more assists, penalty-kick goals and game-winning goals than anyone else on the team. Also, he’s made the highest number of appearances for the club, with 427 to his name.

Although Jamie Moreno left the club nine years ago, his legacy still lives on and continues to inspire the current roster of players to perform to the best of their abilities. The current head coach of the club is midfielder Ben Olsen, a former midfielder who’s been coaching the club since 2010. He played for  DC United from 1998 until his retirement from professional soccer in 2009, making 221 appearances and scoring 29 goals.

 DC United Jersey

Even though DC United’s nickname is ‘Black and Red’, the club’s official colours are actually black and white. The home kit is predominantly black with red accents, while the away kit is mostly white and features a lot more red. The current home kit is the ninth one to be used by the club, while the current away kit is the tenth. As with all other MLS clubs, the kit is manufactured by Adidas, which is represented by three stripes along the shoulder of the jersey. Since 2014, the official sponsor has been Leidos, a defence company based in Reston, Virginia. Other companies that have acted as sponsors over the years include Papa John’s Pizza, Verizon Wireless and Adidas itself, to name a few.

DC United Jersey

The jersey is available to purchase from the official MLS online store, which can be accessed here. There’s a very broad range of items you can purchase that are branded with the official DC United colours and logo. Pieces of clothing such as jerseys, sweatshirts, T-shirts, dresses and hats are available, as are things like household items, collectibles, flags and car accessories. Those looking to make purchases from the store should check out the special discounts and deals that are offered.

Atlanta United

Atlanta United

Atlanta United is an American men’s professional soccer club that’s based in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s part of the Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference and last won the MLS Cup in 2018, defeating Portland Timbers 2-0. It’s also experienced success elsewhere, winning both the 2019 U.S. Open Cup and the 2019 Campeones Cup. Of the 24 teams that currently make up MLS, Atlanta United is one of the biggest. Not only is it estimated to be the most valuable with a worth of half a billion dollars, its home matches are some of the most highly attended in all the league.

The home ground for the club is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened in 2017 as a replacement for the Georgia Dome. Costing approximately $1.6 billion, the stadium was designed to be multi-purpose and has a retractable roof to make it usable in various weather conditions. The stadium’s shared with the Atlanta Falcons, a team that competes in the National Football League (NFL). Atlanta United made its debut in MLS in 2017 some three years after the club was founded.

Atlanta United Roster

The club’s current roster includes a total of 31 players. These players collectively represent 10 different nationalities. There are 15 American players on the roster, along with four from Peru, two from each of England, Germany and Venezuela, and one from each of Brazil, Guinea, Iraq, Nigeria and Paraguay. Three players are on the team because of the Homegrown Player Rule, an MLS program that allows clubs to sign players who have come up through their own development academies. Another three are on the line-up because of the Designated Player Rule. This allows MLS clubs to sign no more than three players outside of their usual salary range. Finally there are two players who have made it into the club thanks to Generation Adidas. This program enables younger professional players early entry into MLS clubs.

The club’s top goal scorer is Venezuelan forward Josef Martínez, who since joining in 2017 has notched up 88 goals to date. The majority of these (77) have been scored during MLS matches. The ext greatest scorer Paraguayan forward Héctor Villalba, who has 22 goals to his name. German midfielder Julian Gressel has had more assists than anyone else in the club’s history with 39. He’s also made the most appearances in club matches, having played 118 times.

Brad Guzan1 Goalkeeper Evergreen Park, IL35
Franco Escobar2 Defender Rosario, Argentina24
Michael Parkhurst3 Defender Cranston, RI35
Florentin Pogba4 Defender Conakry, Guinea29
Leandro González Pirez5 Defender Buenos Aires, Argentina27
Darlington Nagbe6 Midfielder Monrovia, Liberia29
Josef Martinez7 Forward Valencia, Venezuela26
Ezequiel Barco8 Midfielder Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Argentina20
Gonzalo “Pity” Martínez10 Midfielder Guaymallén, Argentina26
Eric Remedi11 Midfielder Parana, Argentina24
Miles Robinson12 Defender Arlington, MA22
Brendan Moore13 Goalkeeper Roswell, Georgia27
Justin Meram14 Midfielder Shelby Township, Michigan30
Hector Villalba15 Forward Buenos Aires, Argentina25
Emerson Hyndman16 Midfielder Dallas, Texas23
Jeff Larentowicz18 Midfielder West Chester, PA36
Brandon Vazquez19 Forward Chula Vista, CA21
Brek Shea20 Defender College Station, Texas29
George Bello21 Defender Douglasville, Georgia17
Mikey Ambrose22 Defender El Paso, TX26
Lagos Kunga23 Forward Luanda, Angola21
Julian Gressel24 Midfielder Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany25
Alec Kann25 Goalkeeper Decatur, GA29
Jon Gallagher26 Forward Dundalk, Ireland23
Chris Goslin27 Midfielder Locust Grove, GA19
Dion Pereira28 Midfielder Watford, England20
Mo Adams29 Midfielder Nottingham, England23
Andrew Carleton30 Midfielder Powder Springs, GA19
Luiz Fernando31 Midfielder São Paulo, Brazil22
Kevin Kratz32 Midfielder Eschweiler, Germany32

Every year since 2017, two of the club’s players have made it onto the MLS Best XI. This is a list that acknowledges the top 11 players in MLS matches. Josef Martínez holds the distinction of being recognised in three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019) thanks to his impressive streak of goal scoring. He also won the Landon Donovan MVP Award in 2018. This is an annual award given to the MLS player who’s believed to be the most valuable in the league. It’s voted for not only by MLS players and management officials, but also by various people in the media. This was the first time a player from Atlanta United has won the award. On top of that, Josef Martínez has won several other prestigious awards, including the MLS Goal of the Year award in 2019, the All-Star Game MVP award in 2018 and the MLS Cup award also in 2018.

Atlanta United Jersey

The official kit for Atlanta United is manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by American Family Insurance. The home kit is in its second iteration. Following the club’s 2018 MLS championship win, it was decided that the kit would be redesigned. The current kit consists of a black jersey with five red stripes down the front and two red stripes down the shoulders and red socks instead of black ones. Above the team crest is a gold star.

The three main colours each represent a different characteristic: black’s for power and strength; red’s for passion and pride; and gold’s for the club’s ongoing commitment to excellence. The five red stripes represent key aspects of the club’s character: unity, determination, community, excellent and innovation. As for the black stripes, they’re meant to symbolise the railroad tracks that played a key part in the state’s history. The jock tag features an outline of the state of Georgia in gold with the number 17 inside it. This represents 2017, which is the first year the club started competing in MLS. The jersey can be purchased from the MLS official online store. Along with the jersey, you can purchase an array of items and other clothing pieces branded with the Atlanta United logo and colours. The store usually has special discounts available for things like signing up to the newsletter and making order over a certain amount of money; there are also regular sales to look out for.